Day 24 – A Meaningful Movie

wonderful life

My very favorite movie, holiday or otherwise is It’s a Wonderful Life. By today’s standards the movie seems outdated and perhaps there are those that would contend that it is out of touch with reality, but I can’t help but see the importance of the movie’s message in times like these.

The story of It’s a wonderful life is simple. A man runs into a boatload of trouble due to the spite of another, and with seemingly no where to turn, he makes a fateful wish that he had never been born. Due to the kindness of his guardian angel, he is able to see what life would’ve been like had he really not been born. He is stunned to find out that the lives of a whole town – hundreds of people were affected, because of his absence. It is then he realizes, that even with the trouble he was in, he truly did have a wonderful life. I believe that if we understood the number of lives we touched each day, we would be amazed. Tough times might not seem so overwhelming, enormous tasks would not/may not seem so insurmountable.

So many of us live life feeling insignificant, that is anything but true. When life gets difficult, those whose lives you have touched may be longing to leave their (positive) fingerprints on your life too. Maybe if we could spend more time leaving positive fingerprints all over, we would understand that we actually do have wonderful lives.


I am taking part in the Write 31 Days Challenge.

Write it Down!

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