Day 23 – The Secret to Unhappiness


Would you like to know the secret to unhappiness?

Well, it’s not the only thing that will make you unhappy, but it sure can get you a one way ticket to un-happyland.

Compare yourself to someone else.

Compare yourself to someone else, and you’ll find some way not to measure up. In some cases this inability to measure up becomes an obsession, driving us to do all kinds of foolishness, and almost always – it’s never worth it.

I know some people have grown up like this, so comparison is just a way of life, but if by chance you compare your children, your friends, your mate to others, your best bet would be to stop that practice as soon as possible (I mean right now). The minute you  compare your loved one to something/someone else, all they hear is you aren’t good enough as you are – why can’t you be such and such, why can’t you be like so and so. Why would you want to torment another person – someone that you love – like that?

Comparison is detrimental to any healthy relationship. Including your relationship with yourself.

Admire others if you’d like, but dont compare yourself to anyone else..

Something I always like to remember is this – there is a “you” shaped space in this world, make sure you are filling your space, and fill it fabulously. Only you can do that.

Please believe it.

Advice: If you have the tendency to compare your body, your life, your anything to someone else – stop doing it. It hurts. Do not beat yourself up for not having someone else’s story. Focus on your own.

I am taking part in the Write 31 Days Challenge.

Write it Down!

12 thoughts on “Day 23 – The Secret to Unhappiness

  1. A good reminder, especially with the holidays coming up. I liked the quote at the bottom and have a similar one on Pinterest that says to the effect to not compare our lives to someone else’s highlights reel.


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  2. I love that Jon Acuff quote! You are so right too… it’s not the only way to get there, but it is one of the quickest routes I know! Great post!


    • Yes, this too is the truth! It’s easier to avoid such people, or I would think, you do everything in your power to avoid someone who is going to compare themselves to you.


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