Day 16 – So, What’s in Your Purse?

Isn’t this an almost silly question? You know when it won’t be? When life is not the same, and there is much more or much less in your bag. In 2002, I spent a lot of time with one of my best friends. Her army husband had just been deployed and I helped as much as I could with her three boys. What I carried in my bag then was – bubbles, snacks, small books, crayons, tissues, wet wipes – you know the regular. My boys are now all teenagers living in another state. And I didn’t realize it, but what I carry in my bag now is downright boring in comparison! (My bag is also MUCH smaller) Here’s what I carry now:

000_1684Yes, that is Purell, it’s in a case so you can keep it on your key chain. I keep one on my bag.

000_1688The brown wallet was my old school ID holder! It works well to hold medical cards and magnifiers too. Yes that is more Purell, this time in a purple holder! I have tissues (I think most ladies do) In the green wallet is colored lip gloss, and I think an old seating card from a friends wedding. The little book beneath it is called My Little Book of God’s Promises. This is a book of encouraging Bible texts that I made. I ordered a few copies of it to give it to my friends. We can all use the reminder of God’s promises to us. I made this book when I needed some encouragement for Drs. Appointments. I don’t leave home without it!

000_1692I don’t have an I-phone, but I’m happy with what I have. Yes that is more Purell – listen, I can’t afford to get sick. What might turn out as just a sniffle for you, could turn into a full fledged exacerbation for me. I try to keep the germs at bay. And with all that is going on right now do you blame me? I also have the lotion because I have to try to counteract some of that Purell use! A Dual Action Blistex, Sugar free Orbitz, I also keep my own pen, so I won’t have to borrow one, and the little white disk has meds and supplements. In my wallet besides my ID I also have an MS ID card (which states what MS is and the symptoms of MS). MS causes issues with balance, speech and cognitive processes, which can cause you a great deal of trouble depending on what is happening around you. I’m not drunk, I have MS! I don’t drink alcohol (nor do I drive), but I couldn’t pass that walk in a straight line test to save my life. My kindle I also carry everywhere. I can’t read a great deal until I can increase the font size. I’m realizing that my umbrella isn’t in here, also inside of my red wallet is a Panera receipt, I love that autumn soup, the green tea is also very good.

What’s in your purse?

It’s ok to say it’s none of your business, but will you tell me instead – do you say purse, bag,  pocketbook – or something else?

Please don’t forget to enter the God’s Heart for You Giveaway! This is the final day!

I am taking part in the Write 31 Days Challenge.

Write it Down!

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