Day 14 – Why I keep a Journal


I started keeping a journal when I was 12 years old, it was called a diary then. As life progressed, what, how and how often I wrote in my journal changed. When I took a writing class in my senior year, my professor shared with me that she wrote in her journal each day. At that time, I didn’t think such a thing was necessary or possible…until I was diagnosed with MS. In those first months writing in my journal or blog (depending on how my eyes were doing), was one of the only things I felt kept me sane. The picture above was actually taken a while ago, I have 10 more journals to add to this pile. To me, journaling is not only writing about what happened today, it has helped me connect to myself, remember things I would have otherwise forgotten and express what I feel inside without the fear of judgement. Journaling is very meaningful to me.   Here are a few more reasons why I journal:

A record of life as it is in that moment

It can be bittersweet to read what I have written in time that has gone by. A mix of, if I knew then, what I know now and wow, I wish I could feel that happiness/excitement/hopefulness once more.  Life can change in a heartbeat.

A record of answered prayers

In 2010, I started keeping a completely separate prayer journal. It is so heartening to go back and read how God has answered prayers, it is sometimes amazing, and I think – wow God, you really are listening to me! Keeping a prayer journal helps to strengthen my faith.

Proof of how you have changed

I remember specifically once praying about how all of my peers had gone on with their lives, whereas I felt as if I were stuck in one spot. I then felt a heavenly whisper – read your journals and so I did. I read a journal I had kept 4 years previous. I saw, that I hadn’t stayed in the same place. There are journals that I read with very little recognition of the person whose words I’m reading. The more I’ve learned to trust God, the more I’ve changed.

Lessons learned and being learned

They aren’t always pretty and often times they aren’t at all pleasant or comfortable. I don’t know about you, but I tend to learn quite a bit from lessons I have had to learn.

A journal is the keeper of your secrets, dreams, true thoughts and your journal never gets tired of you!

I have been that you should keep a journal girl, but I understand that journals are not for everybody! Maybe if you have a lot of friends they are your sounding boards you don’t need to journal, or it can be frustrating if you’re so busy you don’t have the time. Lack of privacy can also be a concern. I won’t bug you about keeping a journal, I will ask you to keep it in mind if you ever want to try something new! For now haw about taking a break?  Here’s a fun quiz about journals and diaries!


My result – surprise, surprise- A Private Journal!

What result did you get? Do you journal? Have you wanted to?

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2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Why I keep a Journal

  1. I love writing too, and I think you’re right about change. Sometimes we can look at other people and how accomplished they seem, but if we think of ourselves 10 years ago compared to now, we can see that we’ve actually changed a lot as well.


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