Day 13 – You are Enough (+ giveaway!)


All of your life people have made you feel as if you are not. But that’s a lie. I think God wants you to know that you are enough, just as you are.”

Gerth, Holley (2011-08-12). God’s Heart For You (pp. 41-42). Harvest House Publishers. Kindle Edition.

Here that? You are enough just as you are

I have struggled with believing that I was enough for a great deal of my life.  knowing and believing what God thinks and feels about me, has helped me in this struggle.  Something I want everyone to know and understand is that God loves us!  I don’t want even one other person to have to struggle with not feeling as if they are enough. We are consistently told that we are not thin, rich, tall, beautiful, smart whatever enough for endless things, yet there is the creator of the universe who not only accepts us, but he lets us know that we are enough.

Remember this.


This book meant so much to my heart, I would like to share it with you. I’m doing a giveaway!  You only need 1 entry to be considered, there is a maximum of 15 entries per day and 3 ways you can earn those entries. Winner will be chosen randomly from eligible participants. If you know someone you think might like to read this book let them know – have them enter! The numbers at the end of the entry options indicate how many entries you earn by completing that task. For example if you answer the question, you earn one entry, but if you tweet about the giveaway, that one tweet earns you 10 entries!

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I am taking part in the Write 31 Days Challenge.

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7 thoughts on “Day 13 – You are Enough (+ giveaway!)

  1. Sadly, even though I know I’m enough for God, that doesn’t make me enough for other people. God didn’t make us cold, uncaring robots; He made us to interact with others too and if someone I care for doesn’t care as much about me, knowing what God thinks is comforting, but it doesn’t solve that struggle.


    • It might not solve it, but it does help until the struggle is no longer there. You see, until you understand that God’s view of you is most important – not that person who is causing you to doubt yourself the struggle will always be there. Until you believe in you heart that God’s opinion of you is what is most important, it will be almost impossible to fully accept. Is it easy? NO. I think this for many of us is where faith MUST come in – Lord, you say I’m enough – why don’t I feel that way? Why doesn’t my husband make me feel that way? Why don’t my parents accept me as I am? Why do I always seem wanting whereas my children are concerned. And sometimes God asks us just one question in response to all of those thoughts- Do you trust me? Do you believe what I say about you? And that is a yes or no answer. The times when I have to admit that my answer is no. I have to become like that man in Mark and ask God to help my unbelief. Lord, I believe you… to a point…please help my unbelief. Because if I am leaning or waiting on anyone else but God to solve the problem in the way I see myself. I will be waiting for eternity. And the difficult truth is that if I truly believe what God says about me – what someone else thinks – what another fallible as me human being thinks is never more important than what the God of heaven and earth thinks. Often times those people we are counting on to let us know we are enough – they are working with just as much or even less self esteem than we have.


    • I don’t know what it is quite so difficult, I can only say that perhaps we all fall into the comparison game trap, and we don’t encourage each other enough, and hold one another’s hearts up. We need to do that more often! Thank you for commenting on my blog!


  2. I am enough! Love this! Love the idea of the Giveaway. I realize I really don’t know how to tweet unless someone says Tweet this. Oh well, progress awaits. Thanks for your beautiful insights.


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