Day 9 – Tea Time!

teabetterIt’s a little nippy in NYC this morning, so I decided to write about my favorite thing to indulge in – Tea! I really love tea. There are some days when, nothing else makes me feel better than a comforting cup of tea. When I was very young, I remember waking up very early in the morning. My father would be awake getting ready for work. I was not interested in gong back to sleep and eventually he would make me my own teacup of lemon tea. Admittedly, “lemon tea” was more of a warm lemonade, but I loved it (still do) and it made me feel special at the time. Ive had that version of tea many times in my life – honey instead of sugar when I had a sore throat, and when I got older with various tea bags, or tea leaves along with the lemon, sugar water base.

Of course you can tell by now, I’m not a snooty tea person (but you can visit her lovely blog here and You tube channel here). The teas I drink are pretty accessible. So if simply accessible/unsnooty tea horrifies your senses, you can skip Day 9 and come back tomorrow!

I’m not mad atcha!

These are some of the places that I order tea from. Very reasonably priced.

Adagio Teas

Their spearmint tea and foxtrot tea (the only time I foxtrot) are wonderful as are their Honey Rooibos and Vanilla Chai Tea Cookies, they also have an in with young people by having fandom teas – what would tea that Sherlock or the guys on The Big Bang Theory taste like? They also have many tea blends. It’s a happening thing apparently. If The Big Bang Theory is not your speed, Republic of Tea has Downton Abbey Teas.


I got a beautiful infuser tea mug from Teavana, their site is beautiful…they offer beautiful items including rock sugar and honey. I tried the rock sugar. If you don’t mind sugar in your tea, try this!

Twinings USA

I get most of my Rooibos tea from Twinings. They also have a really nice Chai Line and a lovely night time tea! And my favorite the Lemon Ginger truly a hug in a cup.

Republic of Tea

Ok, they used to have a line of teas based on The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, and since Ma Ramatswe’s love of Rooibos tea is what actually got me hooked on it – how could I not love it here? What they have available now are a line of Downton Abbey Teas and a tea inspired by the movie (that was first a book) The Hundred Foot Journey. I haven’t tried these teas though.

I love tea, Tea = hug in a cup. That’s how I feel about tea! It’s meaningful to me!

teabeautyAre you a tea person? Do you have a favorite?

I am taking part in the Write 31 Days Challenge.

Write it Down!

5 thoughts on “Day 9 – Tea Time!

  1. I absolutely love tea and Teavana is one of my favorite stores to shop in! The rock sugar is great, though I try to use organic, raw and local honey more often or no sweetener at all! We just recently moved from Oahu to Texas so our mornings are “cooler” and I am drinking more tea!


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