Day 7 – Kitchen Tips

Tipsy Tuesday small

  • I’m pretty good at estimating measurements, but when it comes to baking, measuring cups or scales are a must (for me). I’m sure there are many of you who can estimate for baking, please give me some tips! Baking really is a science. Better to be safe than sorry.


  • I finally figured out that to make really good frosting that comes together easily, it’s best to leave the ingredients out overnight. You want your butter and cream cheese to be soft, not melted. Thanks Ina Garten!


  • Using Cake flour if you’re making a cake, really will give you a more tender crumb (the flour blend is different!)
    If you eat meat, allow it to come to room temp or just at least little warmer (than straight from the fridge) before cooking for more flavorful and tender dish.


  • In order to get the most juice from your lemon, roll it on your counter top with the heel of your palm, or stick the lemon in the microwave for a few seconds! Saw that one on Racheal Ray – Food Network Era .


  • If you possibly can…buy organic carrots!


  • If you are deep frying: Check if your oil is ready by throwing a small piece of the dough or batter into the oil. If you aren’t willing to part with even a small piece, place the handle of a wooden spoon into the oil and not how long it takes for bubbles to surround it.


  • Melt/ mix chocolate before adding it to the cake! It will taste better and mix up smoother.


  • Always season your pasta water with salt!


  • If you have an issue with “eggy” tastes, add a little acid to the egg white – a little lemon juice or vinegar work well.


  • If you want to make a hot drink taste sweeter WITHOUT adding a great deal of extra sugar…add a little salt! (This works especially well in drinks you add dairy to – rounds out the flavor.)


Do YOU have any kitchen tips to share?

I am taking part in the Write 31 Days Challenge.

Write it Down!


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