Day 1 – Mom’s Words of Wisdom


For the first day of this challenge, I call on the memories of my beloved mother. Here are 5 things she used to say, and I’m pretty sure if children are a part of my future – they will probably hear these things!


1. You have to crawl before you can walk

When I was younger and a terror of an overachiever, I would be come distraught if I wasn’t able to succeed on the first try. My mother comforted me with these words.


2. Not everyone who smiles at (or with) you is your friend

A sad but still absolutely true cautionary tale. I guess frenimies always existed. There’s just a name for it….it is an oxymoron I think, but this post isn’t about what I think, on to the next one!


3. And this too shall pass

When times are difficult, it can be helpful to remember that it just may be a passing phase – I think the young people these days say…it gets better.


4. Slowly but Surely

There goes that little overachiever needing comforting again. These are just different words for take your time, you’ll get there.


5. Cast your bread upon the water and you’ll get back cake!

My mother was a master at hospitality, she went out of her way to reach out to people and make them home with her. She told her daughters this because I believe she felt it was a blessing to be a blessing to others. It’s not always easy for me to be hospitable these days. But be blessed an be a blessing will always be words close to my heart!

I’m so grateful that God blessed me with my mom for 23 years. Her words and lessons will live as long as I do! This is MEaningful to me.


I am taking part in the Write 31 Days Challenge.

Write it Down!

His Work in Progress

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