Let’s Write it Down!! (31 days ToC)


It all started a few months after my mother died.  I would find myself in the kitchen working on a recipe, trying to think of the flavors and quantities I would need in order to make it taste just like mom made.  Of course, it would never quite taste the same way.  Those were the days, I felt the absence of my mom very strong.  I wished that my mother had written something down. There are things that I never learned how to make, that I can only guess about now.

I often wish that my mother or grandmother had written something down that I could read when I need some wisdom or a chuckle or just the recipe for a really good bowl of soup. That is why I think it is so important to record things now, life can change in the blink of an eye. Recording your life now, your memories, your hopes and dreams for the future- all of these things are important to note.

That is what the next 31 days will be about.  I will write down some of the things that I have wanted/been meaning to.  By November 1, I hope to have a collection I can pass on. Perhaps one day you will start 31 days of your own MEaning!

Welcome to Write it down! 31 days of Meaning

Share your legacy

Day 1 – Mom’s Words of Wisdom

Day 2 – My Forget Me Not

Day 3 – A Lesson in Perseverance

Day 4 – Angels

Day 5 – An Odd Fact

Day 6 – I am a Namesake

Day 7 – Kitchen Tips

Day 8 – I Remember… Pt.1

Day 9 – Tea Time

Day 10 – Samosas

Day 11 – Uplifting Reminders

Day 12 – NYC Life!

Day 13 – You are Enough

Day 14 – Why I keep a Journal

Day 15 – I Remember Pt.2

Day 16 – So, what’s in Your Purse?

Day 17 – Affairs of the Heart

Day 18- Blessings (Laura Story)

Day 19 – Pancakes and Apples

Day 20 – Sheer Delight

Day 21 – Send a Letter

Day 22 – Yummy Comfort

Day 23 – The Secret to Unhappiness

Day 24 – A Meaningful Movie

Day 25 – All Things for Andrew

Day 26 – Quick Mention

Day 27 – My Favorite Holiday

Day 28 – Plant a Seed of Hope

Day 29 – Embracing Struggle

Day 30 – My List of Advice

Day 31 – Putting it in Perspective

9 thoughts on “Let’s Write it Down!! (31 days ToC)

  1. I like your topic! I think you have a great idea. Interestingly, Cecilia over at The Kitchen’s Garden posted on a very similar topic. She’s doing a challenge for a letter to future generations of about 1600 words. I’d worked on a spiritual memoir in the past but never got traction on it. A 1600 word letter is much more doable for now. But boy, blogging for 31 days on a legacy to past down is sure good too.



  2. Yes! This has actually been on my mind lately, especially with everything digital now. I think hand written notes, letters, journals, recipes, etc. are extremely important. I’ve recently started sending out at least one letter a week to friends and family, notes just to say hi, or letters of encouragement.

    It has been great to slow down and take a few minutes to think of my loved ones and to remind them that they are in my thoughts.

    I’m looking forward to your series.


  3. I wish I could know now exactly what my kids/grandkids are going to want to remember! The things that mean the most to future generations are often the things we consider mundane and don’t even think about. I look forward to seeing which things you chose. 🙂


    • Thank you for leaving me a comment Titus2Homaker! I think you are right, that they would want to know the things we take for granted. I hope that when I get stuck I will wonder about what I want to know about my grandmother, I hope it helps!


  4. Enjoyed your post and so agree with others. Seeing my grandmothers handwriting is just so sweet to me. Especially since she spoke mainly spanish, to see that she wrote also in spanish is cool.


    • Wow, what a treasure Laura! I remember what my grandmother’s writing looked like, but I would give anything to have something she wrote. When I found a letter from my mother in one of my journals – I hugged the paper! I was just so good to have something she wrote.


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